Choosing A Hair Color and Extension Salon – 4 Must Read Tips!

Posted by Fernando Jennings


So you’ve decided to take the plunge and get extensions added to give you stunning length and volume. Here are a few tips for you to consider before paying out all that money to have them added. Following these tips will increase the chances that you’ll be happy with your purchase:

Check what hair will be used –


There are quite a few different types of hair on the market these days. It is crucial that the hair is nonontangleair; if you don’t get this type of hair, you’ll end up with a tangled birds nest in a few days. Also, determine the origin of the hair. The main hair origins are Chinese, Indian and European. Chinese hair is generally thicker and more processed; European hair is finer but if genuine, ends to be very good quality. Indian hair is also good quality and tends to work really well for hair color Brisbane. Unfortunately, unless you are very experienced in using hair extensions, it can be difficult to determine the quality of the hair. If you can get a guarantee on the hair quality that is ideal, but usually this is difficult to get from salons.

Find out what application methods are available –

Different methods of adding the offers on hair colour and extensions in Brisbane are more suitable than others depending on your hair type. For example, if you have very weak or damaged hair, then you need to go for a method that won’t damage the hair further. Methods such as micro rings or crochet aren’t recommended for damaged hair. A better option is to simply go for clip ones as they give you the chance to give your natural hair a rest from the weight of the hair extensions.

Establish what’s included in the price –

With most extension types, you’ll usually need to have follow up visits to the salon to maintain the extensions. Some salons include a follow-up visit in the initial price. It’s important you check this at the start as follow up visits can be very costly. Eventually, you’ll also need to have the extensions removed so keep this cost in mind also.

Ensure you check the extension technicians experience –


A hair salon that is experienced in adding extensions should have plenty of before and after photos of their work. Make sure that the technician that will work on your hair is the one that actually added the extensions in the photos. Also, get a couple of referrals from the salon so that you can actually talk to a customer who has had them added before. Not all salons will have this but the ones with plenty of experience and lots of happy customers will be able to provide you with referrals.

Having extensions added can be an amazing experience that will provide you with lots of confidence. It can also be an expensive, disappointing experience if you deal with an inexperienced salon or a salon which uses substandard hair. Following the above 4 tips will get you on the right track to a good hair extension day!